3 Dos of B2B Email Marketing Design

Article written by : Quick 2  SEO

Email marketing is vital to B2B marketers. While it is a popular strategy among marketers, it’s very important that your clients and potential customers enjoy reading them too.

Of course, there are a number of factors that can help one do this and be successful at their marketing efforts. Here are 3 Dos of B2B Email Marketing design:

1: Image Formats & Style

Whether you want to add graphics or not totally depends on the type of email and its purpose as well as the its overall marketing context. There are some situations in which it is best not to have graphics at all. But they do have their place in making an email look presentable. So, it is recommended that you use either JPGs or GIFs, a maximum resolution of 72 dpi as well as RGB color values. Try and avoid animated GIFs as much as possible as a number of version of Outlook cannot display the animation.


2: Design Emails with Tables

Designing web pages with tables is definitely a bad idea. However, this is very different with emails. In fact, it is vital that you do use tables because it is only way to render your email design correctly over a number of email clients.

3: Responsive Design

About 50% of email is read over mobile devices. This is why non-responsive emails is just a bad idea. No matter what, make sure that you are familiar with the technique that primarily uses styling elements such as ‘media queries’. Be sure to ask your email designer or HTML specialist if they have mastered it or not. Also, make sure that you stick with single column designs as much as possible. They make your emails look neat across a number of platforms and screen sizes even if responsive web design rules might not work for all clients.

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