5 Ways to Reduce Abandoned Shopping Carts

Article Written by : Quadra Design

Abandoned ecommerce carts means one thing: a loss in revenue.

This can be very frustrating for business owners as they might not know why the customer changed their mind.

Here are 5 ways by which you can reduce abandoned online shopping carts:

1: Make the purchase process simple

In keeping it simple, you can reduce abandoned sales. A complex interface might serve as an irritant. Amazon has a clean, quick and simple checkout process. In fact, try and reduce the process to three simple steps.

2: Don’t ask for registration

While this is a common practice with many companies, this is to avoided. This is because studies have shown that customers tend to abandon the purchase. No matter what, one sale is better than none. There’s no point of creating a marketing list that might or might not work and losing many customers in the short-term.

 internetmarkingbase3: Accept as many payment forms as possible

It should be obvious that if a customer’s method of payment is not available, they’re likely to abandon the shopping cart. So, add as many payment methods as possible such PayPal, Amazon Pay and Google Checkout.

4: Create trust with security logos and icons

A safe and secure checkout process can reassure your customers and will cause them to complete the sale. Make sure your affiliations with trustworthy payment companies as well as security guarantees are visible to the customer.

5: Offer free shipping

Just offer shipping for all items at no cost. Customers will appreciate this most. Why you should consider this seriously is because your competitors are already doing it.

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