Basic small business internet marketing tips

Article Written by : Dawn Meson

internetmarketingbasedSmall business owners have the most to gain from internet marketing. Larger corporations have the budget and the funds to advertise, while smaller businesses need to make the most of any marketing. This is why it’s important to the basics and do them well. Here are a few tips to get any small business owner started:


Make sure to have a goal in mind in any internet marketing campaign. Try and keep the goal simple, achievable and uncomplicated. A perfect example would be to increase the number of phone calls. Tracking this is important so remember to ask callers if they got the number from the website.


Match your business goals with your content. In addition to the standard information about the company, there can be additional content. This content need to be related to the business and be helpful to the customer. A furniture retailer could have tips and guides on maintenance and care.


Unless the business is an online only retailer, there are plenty of local directories that can be leveraged for leads.  The best part is that a lot of these local directories are free and listing can be done in a few days. There is no need for paid directory placement


Another way to reach potential customers is to look at producing video. The video should have high quality content, and like mentioned above, be related to the business. A digital camera sales company could have videos on setting up the camera, basics, important settings and how to take some basic photographs.


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