How to Effectively Write Personalized Content

What makes an email compelling enough for a customer to take action? Is it a witty subject line? Is it the call to action? What about the content?

As a matter of fact, it’s everything. Writing emails that customers will actually want to read might be one of the biggest struggles that you’re going to have during your campaign. You can always go with the generic “click here for more information” method to try and sway your consumers. But come on, how many times do you think people have seen the same types of emails from businesses?

At eTargetMedia, we strive to reinvent the way that email marketing is used today. Emails should be relevant, personal, and valuable to a customer. They need to be something worth reading.

Be Friendly

Customers don’t like being treated like they’re just a number in the system. Personalizing your email content can encourage a customer to look into your product. Not only that, but it’ll make your emails feel a bit more human, which can set them apart from other businesses.

Focus on the Benefits

Short, simple, and to the point. If an email looks natural, your customer will be more inclined to open it and see what it’s all about. If you adamantly feel that your product or service will be beneficial to the consumer, you can wrap your subject line around that. What person wouldn’t want to read, “How to increase your business leads through simple writing”? It’s captivating, intriguing, and it promises benefits to the consumer. eTargetMedia can help you craft the perfect email with their proven email marketing platform.

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