How the Google Search Algorithm Works

goopgle-search-algorithmBillions of searches are conducted using Google each day. Google searches through trillions of websites, which contain countless pages, in an attempt to deliver the most accurate results.

Knowing how this process works, from top to bottom, is key to acquiring the help you need to rank your website higher than others using the help of a search marketing agency.

The first step in the Google search algorithm is to take a list of pages from a website. These are generally supplied via links acquired to other websites during the crawling process. Google’s spiders crawl these pages for internal and external links that will be used in other parts of the process.

Dead links, changes and new pages are noted in this step.

The next step is the indexing process. Google searches through the list of URLs it has to look for meta content, keywords and other factors that can be used to determine the accurateness of any information contained on a website. This is why good SEO from a search engine marketing firm should always start on your website.

Any content that cannot be read, such as some Flash applets, will not be indexed by Google’s robots. This leaves other data, such as any text or header information, to be used to determine what a page contains.

The last step of the Google search algorithm revolves around serving the results. The ranking of websites are processed independently from when the results are served to users because Google sorts websites based on factors like external links acquired from a search engine marketing agency. Some factors, such as search history or a user’s location, may influence results at the time of search.

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