Growing your email list

Article Written by : The Great American Small Business Challenge

internetmarketingbasedEvery internet marketer knows how important an email mailing list is to a website. It is known to be one of the most profitable platforms around and can be monetized constantly. It is also owned by you. Unlike other platforms like Facebook who can ban your account, this list is yours to use. For anyone who has an existing list, here are a few ways to grow it:

Landing page
Use a static landing page to get visitors to sign up to the site. The landing page should be to the point, with an area to enter the email address and clear indication of what the user is getting when they sign up.

Sign up box
Another way is to have a signup box on the front page of the website above the fold. This is the very first thing a visitor sees. This way all visitors will be given the opportunity to sign up.

Smart bar
A smart bar sits on the top of the website and remains visible even when scrolling down. It is unintrusive and provides tremendous value. Once again keep the text and button to the point.

Exit popup
This used to be considered a very spammy technique. But if used properly can be a last ditch attempt to convert the visitor before they leave the site.

Timed popup
When you know how long the average stay is on a page, you can use a timed popup to prompt the user. This is another effective way to get users who find the of the website useful.

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