Retargeting After Email Campaigns

Retargeting-After-Email-CampaignsWritten by eTargetMedia.


Retargeting has quickly become one of the most effective digital marketing techniques. It involves reaching people with a second message sometime after they have first interacted with a brand online. One of the most common use of retargeting is to have a banner ad show up in a search engine after a person has searched for or clicked on a site.

However, there are a variety of online opportunities for retargeting. One of the most powerful ways to use retargeting is with email campaigns. After you send out messages to your own list of contacts or an opt-in list from a reputable source such as eTargetMedia, you can make sure that people who responded to your initial email see banner ads for your company as well. This level of follow up reminds them of your product and can help to convince them to take the next step toward purchasing a product or using your service.

Even though email retargeting has great potential for success, it needs to be implemented wisely in order to be effective. This means tracking your initial email’s success and making sure that you are retargeting the right people with the right message. For example, a customer who responded to your initial email by clicking through to your site is a “hotter” prospect than one who only opened the email. You’ll want to target banner ads to the top-level leads in a way that convinces them to take the final step in the sales process rather than giving them a more informational pitch.

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