Types of Ice Cream

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Everyone loves ice cream since it is sweet, creamy, cold treat that is always welcome. It has also been a popular treat for celebrating birthdays and family gatherings and eating an ice cream cup after school, is often a fun end to a school day.  However, what most people don’t know, is that there are a variety of ice creams in the world and they have different flavors and textures. Here are 5 of such ice creams explained.

Hard ice cream – This is the ice cream that most people buy from their local supermarkets and it contains cream, sugar, milk, eggs plus stabilizers and other flavoring ingredients.

French ice cream – This is a traditional ice cream in France and it is made with a custard base containing cream and/or milk, egg yolks or whole eggs, sugar, stabilizers and other flavorings.

Soft ice cream – This type of ice cream is frozen at higher temperatures in a special machine, this creates a soft, creamy ice cream that is best eaten on a cone than with an ice cream spoon and bowl.

Light ice cream – These ice creams are targeted at the health conscious consumer and made with 25% less milk fat and are often hard ice creams.

Fat-free frozen dairy dessert – These treats are made with modified milk ingredients, artificial or natural sweeteners and stabilizers. Often these ice creams are very low in fat and contain less that 1% per serving.


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